Click to Return to Online Scholarship Home PageThe Online Scholarship Guide is a quick way to learn about more than 430 scholarships available to Columbus County Schools students. This website will allow you to sort the scholarship by:

  • SOURCE (an alphabetical listing of the scholarship provider)
  • DISCIPLINE (an alphabetical listing by the discipline or nature of the scholarship (i.e. General, Athletic, Music, Science, etc.))
  • DEADLINE (a listing of scholarship submission deadlines sorted by date from January 1 - December 31).  Please note that scholarship providers may change deadlines or only make applications available a few weeks before the deadline.  Therefore, if you find a scholarship in which you are interested, see your school counselor right away.
  • CUSTOMIZED SORT (a way for you to custom-select scholarships available to you at your school during a particular month)

A unique aspect of this website is that it operates off of a "live" database, which allows for the latest scholarship information to be posted quickly by counselors at each Columbus County Schools high school.  It also means that webpages will load somewhat slowly because the scholarship database has many scholarships in it, and we expect that to grow as additional scholarships are added.  If you have questions about the website, please send an e-mail.