Click to Return to Online Scholarship Home PageThe following listings contain additional resources for getting scholarships.  Many are books that are available in a school or public library, or in your school's guidance office. Many are online resources.  Where available, an internet link has been provided.

The A's and B's - Your Guide to Academic Scholarships. Robert and Anna Leider, Octameron Associates, Alexandria, VA 22302.

Applying for Financial Aid, A Guide for Students and Parents. American College Testing Program, Education Services Division, P. O. Box 168, Iowa, City, IA 52240.

Chronicle Student Aid Annual. Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc. Moravia, NY 13118.

College Board Online

Department of Education (U.S.)

Fast WEB: Financial Aid Search through the Web

Winning Money for College - the High School Student's Guide to Scholarship Contests. Peterson's Guides.